miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2008

My first steps in Second Life

My first experience in Second life was last year. Unfortunately I don´t have pictures of my first steps as I didn´t know how to use snapshots.

On Thursday November 2nd 2007 I was invited by Barbara Dieu to attend a talk she was going to give in Second Life. The last time I logged in Second Life was when Graham Stanley took a group of educators in a Balloon ride and it was an incredible experience.
In cooking up a storm in education I had problems with my sound and it is wonderful how SL educators help you without knowing you. It took a while to finally have sound so I only listened to the last part of the presentation. There were a lot participants and the pictures Bee showed were great. I also have to thank Cristina Costa who through Skype also tried to help me solve my sound problems.
Two weeks after I entered another chat Graham was having with a group of Italians. I was late and Graham teletransported me and I landed just in front of the presenter. Somehow the chart with the arrows where you can move did not show up so I couldn´t move. They considered me a “Griefer” and I was ejected from the chat!! I was flying in an unknown place. Should try to find out what happened with the chart.
SL is still a big mystery and you can learn a lot of things in this environment.

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João Matias Santos dijo...

Hi Jennifer.
In fact many possibilities in this world, as professor of mathematics believe that one of the most amazing things is the possibility of manipulation of objects in space.
Also in the availability of people help you in understanding is an odd situation, the opportunity to interact as people in the virtual space in completely different realities and distance is amazing.
Already interact with some people in SL, but has not participated in a conference, I hope to do so soon.
Congratulations on your report.