jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2008

Language Lab

Two months ago I was checking my twitter account and found a message from Dafne Gonzalez about teaching Spanish in Second Life. I was intrigued by the fact of how could SL de used as a teaching tool. My first experience using this 3D world had not be motivating. As I knew Dafne who is a wonderful webhead I thought that why not give SL a second chance.

I was defenitely on the right track. Training in Language Lab started soon after I sent my CV to Dafne. I spread the word to the people I knew could be interested and fortunately Evelyn Izquierdo and Nelba Quintana applied for the job.

For our traininig Daf create a wiki for us to follow. Here you can find clear instructions on how to teach Spanish in SL. We had to create mini-lessons and share them with the rest of the trainees.
Below you can take a look at some of our SL classes.

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You can take a look at the wiki I created for my mini-lessons.My first lesson was on Shapes students had to identify the different names of shapes and locate them in the Second Life location they are.

I must confess that my first class was a real disaster!!!! I finished with a circle on my head and could not take it off. The lesson learned was that what I planned was too much for a 10 minute class in Second Life. Time is so different in this environment. It was an excellent experience!!

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