jueves, 29 de enero de 2009

All about my avatar: Tamara Ashton

Why did you choose this name?

I choose the name Tamara because it was my grandmother´s middle name. She was born in Russia and that is why her middle name was Tamara. She was a very creative and intelligent person. There were always new horizons to discover and she was constantly inventing new things while she cooked. I chose this name because Second Life is an adventure for me where your imagination can flow...it´s like being a bird with lots of things to discover.

Is your avatar similar to your real life appearance?
The first avatar I created is quite similar but then once I started learning how to change your image I created several different images of myself. Now for example I have dark short hair totally the opposite of my real life.

Why did you create your avatar?
I am a fan of integrating web 2.0 tools in my classrooms. Second Life is one tool that allows me to discover the educational possibilities as a web 3.0 tool. I still have lots of things to discover and have been really lucky that I had the privelige of taking a training course with Dafne Gonzalez. Personally I think that there are still many obstacles to overcome before being able to teach English in Argentina using SL due to the lack of hardware and teacher training.

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